30th September 2016


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Fintech Trends

Fintech Trends

Fintech Trends is a partner of Elefundi

Fintech Trends – We discuss cybersecurity & authentication, artificial intelligence, insurtech, payments, regtech issues and other fintech-related important challenges. The group of professionals and enthusiasts influencing the future of fintech. More info:

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Prognozy Club

Elefundi International Parties

Imprezy z Elefundi? / What parties with Elefundi?

Wspólnie z Prognozy Club oraz organizacjami studenckimi organizujemy Elefundi International Parties! Zabierz przyjaciół i podążaj tropem Elefundi. Wstęp za free wraz z aplikacją Elefundi!

Together with Prognozy Club and student organizations we organize Elefundi International Parties! Take your friends and follow Elefundi. Go inside for free if you have Elefundi on your phone!

More details at Elefundi Parties!